Tuesday, 25 November 2008


So, the 2008 Memorabilia Show passes.

Thanks to all those who visited our stand and who purchased a movie t-shirt.

There are some really nice and friendly people who visit these shows, so thanks to all those for taking the time to chat and discuss the latest subtle movie t-shirt design and what would be a really cool new one.

Looking around the show, there are some really great ideas about regarding movie memorabilia and collector items. Worth a special mention is www.rubbergorilla.co.uk who’s masks are hand made, sculpted and painted. Really cracking pieces, amazing - would scare the pants off of the die hard horror fan!!!!

So, again, thanks for all the great people who bought a movie tee and for stopping by to have a look. Hope to see you again in March at the Spring Memorabilia Show.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Friday 13th - REMAKE 2009

Just released is a teaser trailer for the up n coming remake of Friday 13th.
The whole series has probably gone on far too long, but there’s no denying that at the time (in the 80s) old Jason scared the pants off of quite a few people.
This remake is has probably been the most anticipated movie over the last couple of years with rumour after rumour about director, actors etc etc.
Release is scheduled for Feb 2009, so until then you might want to look at our NEW inspired movie Tee - Camp Crystal Lake!!!
Moving away from all the black t-shirts that are around, we’ve produced this little gem on a Chocolate brown premium 100% cotton t-shirt, with a cream and blood red print.
Camp Crystal Lake is probably one of the most famous places in horror movie history, so along with an actual place in Florida by the same name, our tee is inspired by this scarey, infamous area.
These movie T-shirts look better in the flesh than in the pics, so grab yourself a Xmas bargain, before this film hits the silver screens.

Monday, 17 November 2008


Reviewed By: Web User
Novelty T-shirts are a funny one; while they may look fine and dandy in a shop or on a website, the joke can quickly grow tired when you actually wear one. However, Nerdoh’s range of T-shirts based on cult and classic films is bound to please at least some movie buffs. To get around copyright laws, none of the T-shirts feature trademark images, but instead make reference - subtly or otherwise - to the film in question. In fact we suspect that only movie buffs will identify the inspiration for certain designs. All the shirts come in a range of sizes and colours, for both men and women, and are priced at £18, including postage and packing.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Terrorizer Magazine Competition

For all you metalheads out there www.nerdoh.co.uk has a new, awesome competition out this week in hard n heavy metal bible, Terrorizer!

Try and win yourself a selection of our premium quality, 100% cotton movie T-shirt designs for your wardrobe. Yes, not 1, not 2, not even 3, but quite a few more. All different designs, all superbly printed.

So, if you like your Slipknot or Satyricon, grab a copy, cross your fingers (upside down, of course) and answer the simple question in the mag. You never know.

And in the meantime, take a look at all the movie T-shirt designs on our pages - unique, subtle, cool and, for now, at incredible prices. A Christmas Cracking pressy for the film fan in your household.

Monday, 10 November 2008


My first piece of news for this week isn’t the best.

Unfortunately, over the whole weekend, our website was down, making it impossible for people to access it and land that super movie T-shirt xmas present.

We hope this hasn’t caused too many problems for our customers and we always aim to get the movie T-shirts out as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart!!!

Being a big fan of B-movie king Bruce Campbell, as well as his new movie having been released (My Name is Bruce), we thought we would put our thinking caps on and come up with some cool design for one of his movies.

Ive seen a lot of 'man wielding chainsaw' designs or the evil Kandarian demon figure (which actually is pretty good if done right), but we wanted to do something a little more subtle, but making sure it is true Evil Dead/Army of Darkness orientated.

Wellllllll....coming online very soon (next couple of days) is our version of a super cool movie T-shirt based on above films.

As all fans of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness know, Bruce worked in S-Mart (household goods aisle to be exact) before he was demon slayer and time traveller, so to this end, we have come up with a Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart (one of Bruce’s quotes in 'Army...') design.

On a graphite grey premium movie T-shirt (makes a change from black) we have put together an S-Mart promotional t-shirt from their Hardware Division advertising S-Mart’s own Chainsaws reduced from $149 to a mere $99. Im sure if Bruce knew about this offer before leaving for his weekend away at the country shack, he would have grabbed one to go with the one he found in the shed!!!

Anyway keep a look out for this gloriously wonderful (even if we do say so ourselves) premium quality movie T-shirt.

Thanks again for taking the time with our news page. Cheers.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Halloween Giveaway Winner

We did a little giveaway through this news column and through the forums on SFX magazine on Friday especially for the evil day that is Halloween.

A cracking Haddonfield, Halloween inspired movie T-shirt printed in a nice pumpkin orange distressed look.

The winner was David Dobbs, so it will be winging its way all the way to Switzerland (yes Switzerland) for him to parade about the alps in - ummm, maybe we should do our designs in something a little thicker as well, for the coming cold nights??

Keep a look out on this column for other giveaways and prizes. We love giving stuff away over at Nerdoh movie T-shirts, for some unknown reason, so bookmark us! Thanks.

MEMORABILIA SHOW - NEC 22nd & 23rd Nov.

The mega-huge memorabilia show at the NEC will soon be upon us and Nerdoh will have a lovely stand there. Showing our full range of designs from the humourous Life of Brian inspired movie T-shirts to the Big Kahuna design inspired by Pulp Fiction.

The exhibition itself is at the NEC and combines memorabilia from movie, tv and sport. Everything the collector could want.

Check out:

So come along, say hi, and we might give you special discounts for huge orders!! :)

We might also be showcasing a couple more new, unique movie T-shirts designs inspired by some favourite and some cult movies, so keep a look out for us.