Friday, 29 January 2010

Nerdoh is now signed up and have acquired our very own page!!

Become a facebook fan and keep an eye on all things Nerdohy! :)
There will also be special competitions, giveaways and freebees especially for fans only!! to become a fan!!

Thanks a lot.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Just about to hit Nerdoh’s store is our unique take on Star Trek. If you know Star Trek you will know what this design is inspired by. Being proud trekkies ourselves, we wouldnt mind wearing this design down our local pub or on a special night out - but then thats us!! :)

Subtle and wearable (who wants a big STAR TREK logo or ENTERPRISE spaceship across their chest - ok, ok maybe theres a time and a place) this design comes in 2 distinct colours - Cream Print on a black Tee AND a Cream print on a burgundy Tee.

Both have a distressed feel and both are Super Premium quality t-shirts, so will last and last.



Just a quick thanks to Fat Boy Magazine for running a nice twitter competition for our From Dusk Till Dawn inspired t-shirts. Hope the winners stand loud and proud in theirs - I’m sure they will, at least, provoke a little conversation!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

NEW Airplane! Pink Panther and Snatch

For 2010 Nerdoh have 3 more new subtle movie inspired designs out.

Airplane! - Boasts the most gags per minute for any film. We have produced a TAA (Trans Atlantic Airlines) T-shirt, which was the fictional airline, as well as making reference to OTTO, the blow-up auto pilot. Printed in a distressed look on a Jade Super premium tee.

Snatch - Classic Guy Richie film inspires this Bare Knuckle Big Fight Tee. Micky O’Neil (Brad Pitt) versus Goodnight Anderson. Sponsored by the main antagonist in the film, Brick-Top Bookies. Again, distressed print, but this time in a choice of tee colours - either Steel Blue or Classic Black.

The Pink Panther - Inspector Clouseau is an iconic figure in comedy, starring the superb Peter Sellers. Nerdoh’s subtle take on this depicts Cato, Clouseau’s house-boy and sparring partner with his own Karate School. Given an eastern feel with a red, black and cream print on a Super premium white t-shirt.

Check them all out on our site.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Dark Sites Feature

A GREAT BIG THANKS to website for a nice little feature and news article on Nerdoh - catch it HERE.

Check their site out for everything on the dark side of the universe - some cool and interesting sites from Music to Shopping, from Literature to Halloween!!

Anorak City Feature

Thanks to Steve and all at the Anorak City blog (Sunday Mercury Newspaper) for a great feature on our Nerdoh T-shirts and the rest of our collection.

See it HERE.

Its nice to get the word out and every little always helps, so thanks a lot to them.