Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Back to the Future T-shirt

Want to build your own Time Travelling machine?
Here’s the blueprint for the Flux Capacitor.

And, as Dr Emmett Brown says on the back, 'Great Scott!'

Available online HERE.

Brand New Carry On Up The Khyber T-shirt

Time For Tiffin Ladies and Gentlemen?
Our Brand New Carry On Up The Khyber inspired t-shirt design.
Patriotic in flavour, quality by design.

100% Cotton Navy Blue T-shirt - Screenprinted distressed, retro print.

Available at our shop HERE.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Tropic Thunder T-shirt - Never Go Full Retard

Inspired by Tropic Thunder.
Classic line from Robert Downey Jr.
Military green mottled T-shirt.

Grab one HERE on our website.

Yautja / Predator T-shirt

Can you speak Yautja?
YAUTJA with 'Predator' underneath in the Yautja alphabet.
Shiny Red Print.

Equipment & Weapons list.

Available on our WEBSITE HERE

NEW Bantha Fodder Star Wars inspired T-shirt

Inspired by Star Wars.
Jabbaz Bantha Fodder with Gamorrean Sauce
Extremely Foul

Sand Coloured T-shirt with screenprinted design.

Get it HERE.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

JAWS inspired Sea Shanties t-shirt

Robert Shaw had a few nice songs and poems to sing.
This t-shirt takes TWO of those and creates a Sea Shanties style t-shirt with Jaws references on it.
FRONT: Ladies of Spain Song
BACK: Here Lies the Body of Mary-Lee

White prints on a Navy Blue t-shirt.

BATMAN / JOKER inspired t-shirt

Artist: Wayne Maguire
Superb grungy design from Wayne Maguire and Nerdoh.
FRONT PRINT: Large white, grey, red and blue image of Heath Ledgers joker.