Friday, 23 March 2012

The Lost Boys inspired T-shirt

Inspired by this classic vampire movie, Nerdoh’s retro Baseball T-shirt design gives a very 80s look. Printed distressed to complete the look, this is a limited edition design.

Black & Red Baseball style t-shirt shows the Frog Brothers Comic Store, Santa Carla.

Available HERE at Nerdoh.

Ghostbuster Towels - Sedgewick Hotel

Who ya gonna call? Nerdoh

These slime green fluffy towels are inspired by the Sedgewick Hotel in Ghostbusters where the gang had their first call-out.

Embroidered logo design available as either a hand towel or bath towel, these towels will contrast well in any spook infested bathroom.

Available from Nerdoh.

Alien v Predator T-shirt & Hoodie

Alien v Predator T-shirt and Hoodie - Special Edition

In trying to produce top quality, original and 'want to wear' movie inspired gear, Nerdoh have come up with this set of designs.

A super quality Red and Black trimmed zip-up hoodie with Weyland embroidered on the front left breast and a large red back print with the Bouvetoya Island Expedition. Inspired by Alien v Predator, you can now wear something that proves that this expedition actually took place!

We also have a black t-shirt available with the same design to wear underneath the hoodie to keep you warm if you fancy another trek to this island.

From Nerdoh.

Deliverance movie inspired T-shirt

Deliverance Movie Inspired T-shirt.

Squeal boy, squeal!!

Our Outward Bound Adventures in Aintry County t-shirt is a reference to Deliverance (starring Burt Reynolds etc). The original backwoods movie, this t-shirt is printed in cream and dark brown on a military green t-shirt.

With a banjo design which represents the classic scene in this movie.

ALSO INCLUDES a dodgy print on the back... two hand prints!!! Might not conjure up the best image, but you have to smile!!?!?

A Special Edition from Nerdoh.

Serenity & Firefly Movie Inspired Tee

Serenity inspired movie t-shirt.

If you are a fan of Firefly and Serenity you might know this design?

Cult status movie, Nerdoh have brought out this idea - the Octopus. Now 'Misbehave'.

A distressed, retro print in orange, red and white this design is also available as a Lady-fit.
And if you are a little folickly challenged, we also do a variation as a Beanie hat as well as a Baseball Cap with orange trim.

Child’s Play Movie T-shirt

Remember Chucky?
Our brand new Child’s Play inspired t-shirt is a simple reference to Chucky and his wicked games.
Including a spray of red blood our Good Guys print is produced in goldy-yellow and which on a high quality black t-shirt.

Also available as a hoodie and lady-fit to show your appreciation of this great movie.

Tremors Movie T-shirt

Brand New Movie inspired t-shirt from Nerdoh.
Walter Chang’s Market is the place where you can get a picture with the infamous 'Graboid' - ONLY $5.
Produced in dark chocolate and white distressed print on a sand/khaki colour super premium quality t-shirt.
Join Kevin Bacon in the fight against the Graboids!!