Thursday, 30 October 2008


Well tomorrow is All Hallows Eve, time of witches, warlocks and things that go aaarrrrgggghhhhh in the night. So beware the hoodies knocking on your door dressed as...errrr...hoodies and throw them a few candy bars!!

Actually, to be honest, we here at Nerdoh movie T-shirts only give to those that make an effort - ie wearing more than a miserable looking face and a hood up.

Anyway, to celebrate this dark, dark night we are giving away one of our nice Halloween movie T-shirts!! All you have to do is visit our contact page on our site (as you already have done in being here now) and type in Witches & Warlocks as your subject/heading. Send us your name and size and you will be entered into a FREE DRAW for a lovely, lovely movie T-shirts.
The draw closes at Midnight (when else could it) on 31st October (tomorrow night).

We will also run this little treat through the Forum at SFX.

The Friday 13th Tee giveaway we ran a few weeks ago went down really well and the winner absolutely loved (obviously) the tee. Check out comments on the SFX forum.

Now I have to go, make my face up like Eric Draven (The Crow), grab one of our Hangman’s Joke movie T-shirts, and scare the neighbours!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Well finally the Total Film movie T-shirts competition winner has been picked.

Inspired by the Oscar winning Boogie Nights and especially the Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) character in it, there is now a Jack Horner Movie Productions movie T-shirts

A great idea from the winner, also highlighting one of Jack’s quotes, 'making history on video tape', along with San Fernando Valley, California, where this fictional company operated.

So now you can own an adult entertainment companys movie T-shirts and wear it with pride - some people may indeed know it, others you may have to point it out to, either way its a pretty eyecatching movie T-shirts printed in a distressed 70s-style orange and yellow on a dark blue premium quality 100% cotton t-shirt.

Check it out at...

There will be announcement on TotalFilms website...
as well as in the magazine, so keep an eye out!!


Pound for Pound!!

Well, it will soon be upon us...that time of year again when you put pounds on your waistline and lose pounds from your pocket.
Searching for those special gifts, such as Nerdoh movie T-shirts and any other memorabilia for the film fan is tough.
Nerdoh movie T-shirts are cool tees that are made to last!
For that movie fanatic in your life who wants something a little more subtle. Dont get him that brash, cheesy and, probably farely flimsy Indiana Jones and the Kingdon of the Crystal Skull t-shirt from Virgin, try 1 of Nerdohs movie T-shirts with a difference.

Barnet College movie T-shirts - do you know it? The place where Indie taught Archaeology. Hamilton House to be precise. Im sure the adventurer in your life would prefer one of these movie T-shirts than an in-your-face logo emblazoned one?

Alternatively, if he fancies himself as an Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator type - well, a cool grey Cyberdyne Systems Skynet might be the tee for you.

Either way we have tried to keep the costs down, giving FREE worldwide postage, superb quality t-shirts and amazing screenprinted designs.


Well, we have a few updates on

New designs coming online:
An Amity Island, Jaws inspired design with Sun, Sea and Surf along with the dates for the Regatta that is advertised on the Billboards around the island of Amity.

Also howabout...a movie T-shirts with the Peoples Front of Judeah?? haha
Know it? A Life of Brian inspired t-shirt showing the brilliant PFJ with Romans Go Home! emblazoned across the chest in Latin!!

You know the scene; Brian is caught doing some graffiti on a Roman wall by some guards. They dont arrest him, but give him a lesson in Latin, finally telling him to write it out 100 times!! haha

Anyway you can get your own souvenir Peoples Front of Judeah T-shirt from movie t-shirts now.

There is also the new movie T-shirts winner available - inspired by Boogie Nights, Jack Horner Movie Productions takes you right to the heart of the adult movie industry in the Oscar winning movie. Grab yourself a souvenir off the set of the next adult entertainment film. Looks great in a deep blue 100% pre-shrunk cotton tee with a distressed orange and yellow print on it, to give it that worn in, 70s look!

Great stuff!!! Check it out:

NERDOH Sponsors SFX Readers Awards 2008

With SFX being a fave read of the boys down at Nerdoh, we have decided to sponsor the NEW 2008 SFX Readers Awards.

A chance for SFX readers to vote for their favourite scifi, be it movie, book, game or comic.

Its a great honour for us to be associated with such an established magazine and gives us the opportunity to showcase our movie T-shirts and designs. We have various adverts appearing in SFX over the next few months as well as being featured at Christmas time when the results are published. So keep an eye out!!!!


There are quite a few competitions ongoing regarding Nerdoh movie T-shirts. had a Design-a-tee competition, what seems like ages ago, in their magazine. The competition winner and their design has just been revealed and will also be shown on their website as well as the mag.

Ongoing at the moment are a few website competitions, where you can win various movie T-shirts from us, which relate to that particular site...soooooo, check out....

And for all you metal/rock fans there will be a HUGE, yes huge competition in the new issue of Terrorizer Magazine to win a whole set of movie t-shirts from us. Even if you arent a metal fan, the competition should be cracking, so take a look!!

Keep coming back here to see new competitions added, so you can win, win and WIN again!!

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Cyberdyne Systems, creators of Defense system Skynet.

One of our most popular T-Shirts. Wear this Skynet T-shirt out and see who recognises the film, you will be suprised how many double takes you'll get wearing this T-Shirt.

Scroll down to buy this for only £18! with Free post and packaging! Remember this is brilliantly screenprinted - none of this transfer rubbish that will wash off after a day!

Select a size Buy NOW for only £18